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Published: December 22nd 2011



Timtown  by  Ronald Zastre

Timtown by Ronald Zastre
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Tim lives in a town, surrounded by mountains, that is destroyed by a huge earthquake. Tim sees a strange light coming from the mountains and heads there. Some bad men pursue, and then shoot him.Tim has a strange experience before he looses consciousness and dies. Tim reawakens in an abandoned alien base, still run by a computer, Mr. V.(voice). Mr. V heals Tim and brings him back to life.

Mr.V. offers to help Tim’s quadriplegic brother Arty who was crippled when his fighter jet was shot down. Tim brings a group of people, including Jeremy, an autistic child, along with Arty into the base- they name the base Timtown.Arty replaces his crippled body with a mechanical one, then wants to take over.

Tim starts referring to Arty as Clank.Clank is annoyed by Jeremy’s meaningless gibberish.Clank suckers the government into an altercation, but the President decides to be prudent, because they have no idea what they are dealing with.Tim proposes that the base be declared a sovereign state and offers to buy the government out, but the military wants the base and will stop at nothing to get it.Tim is surprised when Jeremy’s autism connects with the base computer.Clank sets a trap for Tim and feels sure that he has succeeded in illuminating him, but Clank finds out that Tim and Jeremy have tricked him.Tim and Jeremy confine Clank, then offer him a deal.

There is a Deep Space Probe inside Timtown and Clank agrees to leave on it or be destroyed with the base.

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