Stinky as Ever (A Fragrant Bouquet of Stinky Stories Book 5) Peter Grant


Published: January 28th 2015

Kindle Edition

417 pages


Stinky as Ever (A Fragrant Bouquet of Stinky Stories Book 5)  by  Peter Grant

Stinky as Ever (A Fragrant Bouquet of Stinky Stories Book 5) by Peter Grant
January 28th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 417 pages | ISBN: | 5.23 Mb

Self-Flossing Teeth are not Included in the Best Looking Man on the Planet Package.Someone has to be the best looking man on the planet, but it’s not an easy job. This collection begins with a pair of tales that take place shortly before our heroes met. Stinky finds himself dealing with a taxpayer’s nightmare state agency populated with a fustilarian, hobbledehoy, verdant bureaucrat, and others. Stinky has the vocabulary to categorize them, but needs to download software to sort them out.

In a separate adventure, Eddie gets caught up in the excitement when his former neighbor, now a teen idol, returns to town. The blogosphere has them practically engaged, and Eddie gets a taste of the glamorous life when he joins her entourage for a few days. They’ve both gone through puberty since the last time they met—what’s holding him back?Carlotta di Cliesdale, the celebrated soprano, returns to town to play her first dramatic role.

Can Stinky help a turbulent Italian play a turbulent Italian? Can a Fresno raisin queen forgive her anemic son for being a Red Sox fan? At least Eddie gets a full rack of back ribs for putting up with the shenanigans and the boys’ elderly neighbors get a much-needed income boost.Don’t call Stinky a guilty pleasure when it’s crammed with history. The collection includes a haunted house and at least three star-crossed exhibits.

When the local museum asks Eddie to be guest curator, Stinky’s assistance is well-intended, but not helpful. Stinky and Eddie drive to “one of those historic towns no one’s ever lived in” to reason with an unreasonable photography dealer to help an artist friend of Stinky’s sister. Stinky finds that even his dead ancestors can be a pain as he tries to encourage a small historical society to loan its rare milk evaporator to the more prosperous historical society on the other side of town.Stinky even manages to get some billable hours when a WMD bombshell, equal to Stinky in beauty and craftiness, wanders into their summer paradise and sets her sights on a rich neighbor’s son.

Pedestrians suffer cranial trauma as they walk into trees, lamp posts and other solid objects as they pass the stunning pair—and do it again when they notice Stinky.Fortunately for Stinky, the best looking man on the planet package does include a superb pair of shoulders, and he carries his burdens with manly fortitude. He only falters when he’s forced to listen to a cello sonata so modern it’s a “daugherata.” Did he take Eddie’s ear plugs away because he was jealous he didn’t think to bring any? You’ll have to buy the book and decide for yourself.About Stinky StoriesStinky and Eddie appear in over seventy comic short stories in the #1 bestselling Amazon series.

Stinky is chatty and insouciant, and while Eddie may not say as much, when something needs to be done, he’s already doing it. They’re as close as Brooklyn and Queens and as unlikely to separate.Stinky doesn’t go looking for trouble, but he can’t hide from it. It’s part of the “best looking man on the planet” package. Stinky and Eddie would like to live quietly, but lucky for us it never happens.Stinky and Eddie are supported by a collection of outrageous guest stars and an ever expanding cast of relatives.

The stories are witty and literate and readers don’t have to leave their brains in a jar to enjoy them. Whether it’s a flat-out farce, bedroom comedy, sexy romp, sly satire or screwball family intrigue, you’re never far from a happy ending in every Stinky story. Isn’t that what we really need these days?

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