SOUL searching: A novel Stephen A. Hill


Published: February 25th 2014

Kindle Edition

367 pages


SOUL searching: A novel  by  Stephen A. Hill

SOUL searching: A novel by Stephen A. Hill
February 25th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 367 pages | ISBN: | 7.65 Mb

Alex considered his circumstances. It seemed his only option was to disappear. If he didn’t do so voluntarily, it appeared that there were powers that would make him do so involuntarily.So begins Soul searching. A tightly crafted, frighteningly plausible thriller about controversial science, medical phenomena, tough moral choices and spiritual integrity.

Soul searching is very visual, wonderfully cinematic storytelling presented through the engaging interactions of a cast of unique and involving characters moving through both familiar and exotic landscapes.The philosopher’s stone. The elixir of life. The quest for immortality. What if there was some degree of truth embedded in these concepts? What if this piece of fiction, like so many others, turns out to be less an exercise in imagination and more one of extrapolation?Alex is an intellectual man of faith, a devoted husband and an attentive father, struggling to balance his passions for his chosen field of study and his Lord.

Caught in a relentless net of political controls and an expanding scientific moral vacuum, Alex discovers that some things are not as black and white as he might like, and that not everyone who is a friend today will be a friend tomorrow.Whilst this is a fictional account, the basic scientific principles and knowledge leading to the story’s remarkable conclusion are all too real.

Indeed, this last decade following the conception of the book has seen rapid advances in molecular biology, DNA sequencing, bio-terrorism and the study of near-death experiences, which only serve to increase the credibility of the underlying rationale. And if it puts your immortality outside of your own control, wouldn’t you want to know?

Wouldn’t you want to retake control? If so, read on. If not—remember, you were warned.

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